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St. Augustine Youth Services

St. Augustine Youth Services (SAYS) is a nonprofit organization providing services to boys from the age of six to 18 who are in need of residential therapeutic services due to abuse and or neglect.

Top Donors
Georgia Miller $500
ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance $250
George Royal $100
Mark Solana $100
Mary Sims $100
Tom Sims $100
Brooke Poland $50
Mac Coombs $30
Sally Romick $25
Deborah Croft $25
Terry Laughlin $25
Brianne Miller $25
Bryan Sumner $25
Maureen Brown $25
manon quintal $20
Neville Croft $20
Jack Kocerka $10
Alan Paris $10
Becky Paris $10
Tucker Paris $10
Debby Craggs $10
Heidi Kocerka $10
Stephanie King $10
sherrie flippin $10
Erin Landry $5
Kyle Landry $5

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